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80's rewind - CSS style. Ideas & Identity: Catholic students in the National University of Singapore, 1951-85 (Part III)
The final installment of this three-part series retraces the events that led up to the “Marxist conspiracy” clampdown in 1987.
By Nick Chui Yongtai
Posted: 25 December 2007
Male and female, He made them. The Sexual Revelation
A Dominican priest explains Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and how this radical teaching can not only reconnect many Catholics to God’s beautiful plan of sex, but make the entire Catholic faith meaningful and real.
By Fr. David García O.P.
Posted: 25 December 2007
When should He set your life on fire? Confirmation Confusion
A local catechist wonders about the appropriate age for the Rite of Confirmation in Singapore.
By Chris Ow
Posted: 25 December 2007
The times they are a-changin’. Ideas & Identity:
Catholic students in the National University of Singapore, 1951-85 (Part II)

The second of this three-part series describes the turmoil that followed Vatican II and the rise of “Catholic masochism”.
By Nick Chui Yongtai
Posted: 5 June 2007
Baa! You’ve got mail! Feed Our Lambs
A couple share their story of how they started a daily e-mail reflection service for parents.
By Xavier and Pauline Woon
Posted: 5 June 2007
Fides et Scientia - a long time ago. Ideas & Identity:
Catholic students in the National University of Singapore, 1951-85 (Part I)

The first of a three-part series examines the early, idealistic days of the NUS Catholic Students’ Society, during which, among other things, it spoke out against communism.
By Nick Chui Yongtai
Posted: 25 January 2007
Spiritual recipes from the Divine Cook. Living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way: a conversation with Professor Donna Orsuto
An expert in lay spirituality shares with us some practical and interesting tips on how to be an effective lay person.
By Nick Chui Yongtai
Posted: 25 January 2007
Witnessing with the womb. Nobody expects the Baby Inquisition!
A mother of three faces the inevitable Two Questions about her little tykes.
by Patricia Tan-Rozario
Posted: 25 January 2007
A clash of styles. Gregorian: Impossible?
Compelling reasons why we should sing an old song unto the Lord.
by Francis Nyan
Posted: 14 May 2006
Francisco de Vitoria - the man and his ideas. Vitoria’s Secret: Entertaining Angels
The truth about a 16th century Dominican who dared to challenge the authorities on their treatment of native peoples.
by Lydia Lim
Posted: 14 May 2006
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